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Saturday, 20 October 2012

VG Vanguard Products

1 x Aichi play mat [Offer me]

1 x BT03 English Promotional Poster $2

Pale Moon Deck for Sale

Grade 0
Girl Who Crossed the Gap FV
Poison Juggler x4
Popcorn Boy x4
Rainbow Magician x4
Sky High Walker x4

Grade 1
Hades Hypnotist x3
Midnight Bunny x4
Purple Trapezist x4
Turquoise Beast Tamer x2

Barking Cerberus x2
Big League Bear x2
Crimson Beast Tamer x3
Dancing Princess of the Night Sky x2
Elephant Juggler x2
Nitro Juggler x2

Grade 3
Dusk Illusionist, Robert x2
Midnight Invader x3
Nightmare Doll, Alice x1
Silver Thorn Dragon Tamer, Luquier x2

Comes with CFV Top Idol Aqua Sleeves (Offer me)

Selling Vanguard Cards 26-10-2012

TD04/002 Goddess of Flower Divination, Sakuya X1
TD07/001 Navel Geyser Dragon X1 *NEW*

BT01/003 BarcgalX1
BT01/008 Asura Kaiser X1
BT01/009 Demon Slaying Knight, Lohengrim X1
BT01/016 Lizard Soldier, Conroe X1
BT01/020 Juggernaut Maximum X2 

BT02/004 Soul Saver Dragon x1
BT02/006 Seal Dragon, Blockade x1
BT02/009 General Seifried x1 
BT02/010 Cheer Girl, Marilyn x2
BT02/012 Witch Doctor of the Abyss, Negromarl x2
BT02/013 Captain Nightmist x1
BT02/014 Gust Jinn x1 
BT02/015 Young Pegasus Knight x1

BT03/008 Ultimate Lifeform, Cosmolord X3 *NEW*
BT03/009 Ether Rose X1 
BT03/015 Mirror Demon X1 
BT03/018 Knight of Haste, Galahad X1

BT04/005 Cursed Armor General, Giraffa X1
BT04/006 Amber Dragon "Eclipse" x 1
BT04/007 Heat Nail Salamander x1
BT04/009 Dark Metal Dragon X2
BT04/013 Cosmo Beak X2
BT04/015 Commander Laurel X1
BT04/016 Elite Mutant, Giraffa X1
BT04/018 Amber Dragon "Dusk" X1
BT04/020 Fangs of Light, Garmeaux X1

BT05/007 Twin-Winged King, Beelzebub X1
BT05/008 Mistress Hurricane X3
BT05/012 Stealth Fiend, Midnight Crow x1
BT05/015 Knight of Friendship, Kay X2
BT05/019 Maiden of the Evil Eye, Euryale X2
BT05/020 Street Bouncer X1

BT06/002 Battle Cupid, Nociel X1
BT06/007 Desert Gunner, Shiden X3
BT06/010 Core Memory, Armaros X2 *NEW*
BT06/011 Love Machine Gun, Nociel X1
BT06/015 Knight of Fury, Agravain X1
BT06/016 Sleygal Dagger
BT06/018 Thunder Emperor, Indra
BT06/020 Wyvern Guard, Guld X3 *NEW*

BT07/009 School Dominator, Apt X1
BT07/011 Monoculars TigerX1
BT07/013 Sword Magician, Sarah X1
BT07/014 Fire Breath, Carrie X1
BT07/015 Peek-A-Boo X2
BT07/016 Magician of Quantum Mechanics X3 *NEW*
BT07/020 Listener of the Truth, Dindrane X1

BT08/017 Destruction Dragon, Darkrex X1*NEW*
BT08/020 Armed Instructor, Bison X2 *NEW*

EB01/001 Perfectraizer X1
EB01/003 Hi-Power Raizer Custom X3
EB01/004 Golden Beasttamer X1 $4

EB03/003 Reckless Express
EB03/006 Dragonic Lawkeeper x2 *NEW*